What Is The Only Fast Boat To Gili Air From Bali?

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Visit some regions in Indonesia for a vacation will certainly give a very different impression, moreover, each region has a spot the city is different. One of the tourist location famous for its natural beauty and is Gili Air which is one of the parts of the Gili Islands.

For Anything Fast Boat To Gili Air From Bali heading to this location. You can use the fast boat to Gili Air from Bali. Where there are several fast boats that provide the facility to bring you to the Gili Islands. For ticket reservations. Fast boat You can visit www.ticketfastboat.com to get the best price and also easier.

Fast Boat to Gili Air From Bali

For those of you who want to go to Gili Air, there are several fast boats that you can use to reach the destination location. Here is a list of the fast boat from Bali to Gili Air :

1. Scoot Cruise Fast Boat

Ships fast first that can take you from Bali to Gili Air is the Scoot Cruise Fast Boat. Fast ship this one yourself will depart from the port of Sanur direct to Gili Air. This ship departs at 9.30 a.m. and arrives at the destination at 12.45 noon. For tickets of this ship is around 45$ per one adult.

2. Mahi Mahi Fast Boat

Fast boat to Gili Air next is the Mahi Magi Fast Boat, in which a fast boat this not only takes you to Gili Air to Gili Trawangan. This ship has excellent facilities. Which will depart from Padang Bai to Gili Trawangan? You can then proceed to Gili Air. Quick ship itself depart at 09.30 in the morning and arrived at Gili Trawangan at 11.00 am. For the price of a ticket is around 20$ per person.

Activities to Do in Gili Air

As for some of the activities you can do when in Gili Air, where all these activities can help you to release the stress. Here are some of the activities that can be done :

1. Cycling Around The Island

Gili Air itself is a small island that you can explore with very easy, where you can tour the island by bicycle. During this cycling, you will be presented with a beautiful view and also see the crystal clear water and blue sky. Not only that, but you can also enjoy the breeze that is cool and fun.

2. Snorkeling and Diving

The next activity that You can do during your stay in Gili Air is snorkeling and also diving. Both of these activities itself is very must be done given that the waters around the Gili Islands have the beauty under the sea which is very beautiful and must to see. Where there are many types of fish and also coral reefs that are still maintained its sustainability.

3. Relax While Enjoying the Sunset or Sunrise

You can also enjoy the sunset and the sunrise when on vacation in Gili Air, where on the island this will give you the best view to enjoy both of those things. What’s more, in Gili Air the weather is very good when the season is a dry season which of course will make your holiday experience more enjoyable.

It is something information about fast boat to Gili Air from Bali and also some of the activities you can do when on vacation to this island. To get the ease of purchase and ticket booking fast boat. You can visit www.ticketfastboats.com.

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