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September 24, 2019


In addition to Kuta and Sanur, Nusa Penida is the place that you can make recommendations for those of you who want to vacation in Bali Island. Overlooking the beach in blue wide guaranteed You will feel comfortable to linger long in this place. Plus Nusa Penida is the spot the most beautiful sunset in Bali.

In addition to playing the water and sunbathing, there are still many exciting activities that you can do when holidaying on Nusa Penida. Guaranteed You will feel at home during your stay here. and when you go home, you certainly will set a schedule to be back to the Island a million charm this.

Tourist Destinations The Best Of Nusa Penida

Passive Uug or Broken Beach

The beach one offers amazingly beautiful scenery, ideal structure of the stone corals and blue water plus the fun atmosphere into power attraction of this place. However, with its sharp and the waves are quite ferocious You should not swim here.

The King Of The Five Hill Remix

Raja Ampat’s version of Bali, that’s the nickname given on the beach with the reef and white sand along the eye can see this. In this place also there are springs with freshwater and never stopped issuing water.

Smoky Beach/Passive Andus

Prepare your camera or Your mobile phone when traveling to this place, because in Passive Andus You will find the phenomenon of the magical tang You would not find in other places. With the waves of the force winds that hit the reefs, splashing the water into the general public which is very beautiful.

Angel’s Billabong

Tourist areas of Nusa Penida which is often used as the location of the photo wedding this is the estuary of a river in the Island of Nusa Penida. This river has water that is very calm and crystal clear. But despite beautiful and the water looks quiet, You have to be careful because the bottom of the pool of Angel’s Billabong dominated ole sand and coral are sharp.

Tembeling Water Spring

One again a natural swimming pool in Nusa Penida. Tembeling Water Spring is a natural water sourced dark secret cave that ends will end up in the sea. The dense forest around makes the atmosphere becomes more serene.

However, there is some pool at Tembeling Water this Spring that should not be entered by women. So don’t get wrong yes.
To get in the pool this beautiful natural You have to walk a little. But for those of you who do not want to walk You can also use the services of taxis in Tembeling Water Spring.

Waterfall Signing

If a visit to Nusa Penida do not forget to plunge signing (Seganing Waterfall) or can also be called a waterfall Sebuluh. Waterfall, it has very beautiful scenery and amazing. To reach this place is necessary business that extra. You should be down the ravine which is very steep, there is only a guardrail made of wood which is fastened and plugged in.

You have to pass through the abyss with very carefully. If it rains, the location will be more dangerous, but you can visit the waterfalls seganing at the time of sunny weather. The access road to the extreme over towards the waterfall is instantly lost when You are already up and witness the beauty of this place.

In addition to some of the above recommendations, Nusa Penida still has many places that are no less beautiful. As a note, when on vacation to Nusa Penida be careful in choosing a crossing service according to your needs and budget that you provide. Happy holidays.

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