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January 4, 2020

From time to time travel near Gili Trawangan is increasingly attracting many tourists. Gili Trawangan is already very famous among the foreign tourists or tourist local vacation to the Island of Lombok. Gili Trawangan itself is a small island located in the west of the island of Lombok. Nearby there is also a small island (Gili) that is quite well known, namely Gili Meno and Gili Air.

Gili Trawangan is located in Gili Indah, District Winner, north Lombok Regency. To be able to get there, you can use a boat from harbor to get across to Gili Trawangan. Whereas if you are in Bali, you can also directly use the speed boat from Padang Bai, Sanur, Benoa Bay or other places.

The cost of crossing from basal harbor around Rp 15,000 per person. Whereas if you rent a speed boat the cost can be more expensive. Cost of speed boat from Bali to Gili Trawangan range from Rp 350.000 – Rp 700,000. why a vacation to Gili Trawangan? Of course because of the scenery, the atmosphere, and activities in Gili Trawangan very suitable for refreshing from daily routine you. The facilities provided were very complete to support the means of your vacation.

List Of Tourist Attractions Around Gili Trawangan

Gili Meno

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Gili Meno itself is one of the three Gili islands that are around Gili Trawangan. Have a view that is no less beautiful and interesting than Gili Trawangan. This place is suitable for you who want to vacation with a view of the Beach but with a quiet and quite deserted. Compared to Gili Air and Trawangan, this place has a mainland area and the population that does not much maybe about 400an people.

The same is the case with Gili’s other. Motor vehicles are prohibited. Certainly makes the air in Gili Meno is very fresh and clean. You can enjoy the beauty of the deep blue sea from the edge of the Beach or the underwater beauty that is still awake with a snorkel. Here you can visit the place of the turtles dosing bleak in Bali or other places.

A little tips, for those of you visiting Gili Meno, you should bring equipment personal enough and also enough cash. Because the facilities in Gili Meno is not as complete as the facilities at Gili Trawangan. For those of you who do not plan to stay you better know the time of depart the ship. To go here is also easy, you can use a boat or speed boat from basal harbor or Bali.

Gili Air

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Travel near the Gili Trawangan the next is Gili Air. Gili which is located the most eastern and the closest to the Island of Lombok is worth a visit if in Lombok. Gili is also quite well-known among both Gili other because of the atmosphere and view equally appealing to both Gili islands in the vicinity. Although not as lonely as Gili Meno, this place can also give the impression of a holiday of calm and quiet.

Existing facilities in Gili Air are also quite complete as the lodge, bar, restaurant and other. in addition to having white sand and crystal clear seawater, another attraction of Gili Air has several diving spots that offer views of the surrounding marine life which is very pretty. Of course, this is very suitable for you who like diving or snorkeling.
For those of you who want to enjoy the scenery under the sea but still a beginner, you should not worry.

There are many guides that can help you to dive or the other. In the afternoon of the sunset be the thing that should not be missed. The moment of beautiful sunset accompanied by a spouse or friend make your vacation will be more interesting.

The same as the second Gili island I have already described above, to go to Gili Air, you can rent a boat or speed boat to cross. The location is not far from the second Gili such, you can take advantage to visit all the Gili in order to get the experience and the vacation experience more interesting.

Senggigi Beach

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Travel near the Gili Trawangan next, namely Senggigi Beach. One of the famous beaches in Lombok is also one of the attractions that are around Gili Trawangan. For those of you who want to go to the harbor to cross to Gili Trawangan one of the routes that you can take that  Senggigi, where the location of Senggigi Beach is located. Or more precisely located in the district of Batu Layar, West Lombok.

Senggigi beaches have a view of the sea is no less beautiful with the Beach in Bali. Activities that you can do in this Beach in addition to enjoy the sunset that enjoys the underwater beauty with snorkeling in the ria. If you do not have the equipment you can rent here. For those of you who have a hobby of surfing, in one part of Senggigi Beach, there is a good spot for surfing with waves big enough.

Garden tours Pusuk Lombok

Bored with Beach view which it was written, or want to replace the atmosphere with a green? You could try to visit both Pusuk Forest on Highway Pusuk Gunung Sari, West Lombok. This road is one route that you can select to go to the basal harbor to go to Gili Trawangan or the surrounding areas.

The atmosphere here is very cool and beautiful. His name is also the forest area of the air will be fresh. Along the way the Pusuk forest is also a row of stalls, so you don’t need to worry about hunger. Most of wrung out eat the also sell drinks traditional local palm wine is sweet. Fermented beverages it is mandatory-you try if you visit here.

Here are some spot photos that you can take advantage of with the background hills and the green of the trees and also monkeys are wild monkeys there. Tips if you visit here you should use comfortable clothes according to the circumstances, not need to wear excessive jewelry if you want to continue the journey to the basal harbor from here prepare physically because the track that seemed to rend the hills, you will find many curves along the way.

Well, that was the object travel near Gili Trawangan which you can visit when vacationing on the island of Lombok. There are many tourist attractions in Lombok and I will review on another occasion. A little bit of information, if you want to visit Lombok Island from Bali, you can use a fast boat Bali to Gili. Ticket Fast Boat ready to accompany your journey all. Hopefully, the article above can help you find attractions in the area of Gili Trawangan.

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