The Beauty Of The Place Gili Air

Enjoy The Natural Charm Of Gili Air
September 30, 2019

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Place Gili Air is one of the places with a variety of beauty stunning. If a Vacation to the island of Lombok, it seems to be noticeably less when not crossing the various small island that is very very beautiful around the island of Lombok. So many small islands which are so beautiful and you can enjoy the island of Lombok, which one of them is Gili Air. These tourist attractions save a million natural beauty under the sea and the beach is so beautiful.

Gili Air itself is one of the Gili three Gili is famous on the island of Lombok, namely Gili Air, Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan. The geographical location of the three Gili is located in a position in a row and are right in the heart of the north coast of the island of Lombok. There are several kinds of activities that you can enjoy in Gili Air itself among others:
1. Diving
2. Camping
3. Fishing
4. Hunting photos
5. Play on the beach
6. Snorkeling
7. Research

The Beauty Of The Place Gili Air

White Sand Beach

The Tourist attractions of Gili Air store a variety of natural beauty. The beauty of the white sand that You can meet on the beach of Gili Air will make the tourists feel at home and don’t want to hurry home to home. Along the coast of Gili Air will make you feel amazed. If white sand is so clean combined with seawater is very blue and crystal clear beauty on the beach in Gili Air is more complete.

The underwater scenery is Gorgeous

Gili Air itself has a natural bottom of the sea which is very beautiful. The beauty of nature in this part it is so much coveted by tourists when visiting a tourist destination on the island of Lombok and one on Gili Air. The enchanting beauty of the underwater contained in Gili Air is not less beautiful with various Gili on the island of Lombok.

Seawater Clear Blue

When You visit Gili Air, especially for those who love the bathwater the ocean or just playing in the water. In order to meet your wishes, in Gili air into one of the right locations. Seawater Gili air is very blue and so clear, you will be able to make the tourists want to continuously play with the water of the sea without getting bored.

Tips To Tourist Attractions Gili Air

If you come from outside Lombok and use air transport, then from Lombok Airport You can use the services of public transportation such as taxi, or you can also order pick-up using the services of travel to go to Teluk Nare or bangsal port and then use the boat to go to Gili.

What sets you apart if through the Gulf of Nare the type of boat that will be in use some sort of private speed boat by having a travel time of about 10-15 minutes and the price in wear will also be more expensive. If in total the estimated time you need from the airport which is about 1 hour 45 minutes.

Well, if you start From Bali, You can order the services of fast boat that is already available at the counter of transportation that are in the area of tourism in Bali, many of the fast boat services which are great for heading to Gili Air with hours of service vary depending on the company fast itself and for the price of each fast boat is not so different. The Total estimated time required about 1 hour and the ticket price of the fast boat Rp. 350.000.

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