Semeti Beach | Location, Acces and Entrance Ticket

Gili Kedis | Location, Acces and Entrance Ticket
February 24, 2020

Semeti Beach located in the heart of Central Lombok, not too far from the Kuta beach or Mawun beach. the area around the rice fields and behind the hill this is what adds to the challenge to come there. after some time passed, over time the beach became more popular even being one of the favorites of tourists at this time.

Beach this one of white sandy like most beaches-beaches that are in Lombok.¬† But don’t worry, this beach can still enjoy the view.


  • You can climb the cliff and make it as spot your favorite photos for certain people.
  • The landscape is very unique because of the perimeter of the beach filled with coral reefs full of green plants. There are also cliffs the black gives the impression of being protective¬† Semeti Beach.
  • Photo hunt, spot the photo that you will not find in any shore is a cluster of aquarium natural pose colorful gradation. The unique, natural phenomenon is caused by diverse species of coral that grow at the base of the coastal waters Semeti.


On to the features actually just a gazebo. But there will be some information that is said will be provided additional facilities such as mosques, food stalls and a toilet by the local government.
If travelers need an awful lot of inns that are around the Beach Semeti this. you can stop by homestay nearby the Beaches of Kuta or in the area of the City of Praya.

The Price Of Admission

For admission, you will be asked for money amounting to Rp 5,000 for two-wheeled vehicles and Rp 10,000 if using a car. As for foreign tourists. It will cost a bit more expensive, amounting to Rp 10,000 for carrying motorcycles and Rp 20,000 for the tourists who bring the car there.


Remember the beach Semeti located in the heart of the beach Mawi. You better choose a bookmark for the path to the beach Mawi first. Arriving there, later there will be a path that is not on asphalt and gravel, follow the road, then turn right towards the intersection of the three.

Tips Travelling

  • Before you go on vacation make sure your body or your relatives in a state of fit or better.
  • Take the purposes you need during a vacation.
  • Prepare your camera and the Powerbank.

similarly, some of the information related to Semeti Beach. hopefully can add fascination to your traveling to the beach this.

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