See the Beauty from a Review of Nusa Lembongan, Bali

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August 25, 2019

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Who does not know Bali Island? The island became a haven for travelers within the country and outside the country, itself becomes a place that was very beautiful and also fun to visit. Where one of the places that the current trend is Nusa Lembongan. Wherein the venue You will be presented with a very beautiful view and You can’t find in other places.

Review of Nusa Lembongan itself is already sure to be very satisfactory. In which to reach this location, you have to use a fast boat which departed from several ports in the area of Bali. To allow you to get a ticket to Nusa Lembongan. You can book a ticket through that will give you the best price. For a cheap fast ship this it’s own usually are in between 20$ to 45$ depending on the type of ship and also the time of departure You choose.

The Location Of The Tourist Incoming In A Review Of Nusa Lembongan

There are also a few attractions that you can visit when in Nusa Lembongan, where each location has a uniqueness and also beauty that will impress you. Here are some of the attractions in Nusa Lembongan :

1. Jungut Batu Beach

One of the places that you can visit in the village of Jungut Batu, where the village itself has a natural beauty that is still maintained very well. So the landscape is still very natural. Residents in the village of Jungut Batu own work as seaweed farmers and fishermen. Where you can see and learn firsthand the culture of the residents of the village. In this village, you can visit the Beach of Jungut Batu known and also has a beauty that is very intriguing. To visit this location yourself. You can directly use the fast boat from Bali.

2. Devil’s Tear

This location itself is a rocky coast that the waves are very large. The uniqueness of this beach itself is when the waves hit the reef then the water will go into the holes of the coral and make the water fly to the top where when the water comes back down and hit the coral will look like tears. The location itself can be said as the belle of Nusa Lembongan.

3. Mushroom Bay

Mushroom Bay to be the next destination that you can visit On the beach itself you will enjoy the scenery of a beach with an of white sparkling and also cliffs that surround the beach. Beach this spot a favorite for travelers to snorkeling and diving to enjoy the beauty under the sea, where coral reefs and also the fish there on the beach is still very beautiful and also well-preserved.

4. Dream Beach

If you want to try to play the water surfing or serving may be able to visit the beach this one. That is the Dream Beach. Dream Beach is very famous among the surfers in both local and foreign. In which the waves on the sea are very large and suitable to do surving. For on the beach itself You can also enjoy a variety of activities such as relaxing on the beach while enjoying coconut water fresh much sale.

It is some of the tourist sites that have been suggested on the review of Nusa Lembongan. To reach Nusa Lembongan from Bali. You can use the fast boat where You can book the ticket in that will give you the best prices for you as well as the ease to reach Nusa Lembongan.

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