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January 27, 2020

Sade village is one of the villages inhabited by the Sasak Tribe. The village this one is very unique and interesting. In Sade, you will all see firsthand the culture of the native tribes of the Island of Lombok. Many tourists come to visit. Both local and foreign tourists. Its location not far from Lombok International airport makes anyone easy to visit.

Village in Lombok, one only inhabited by 152 the head of the family. People living still adhere to tradition since the days of the kingdom. It was this passion that makes many tourists come in droves. For you who have plan visits, here we give reviews for short.

The Uniqueness Of The Building Houses The Village Of Sade


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When visiting, you will all meet with a building that is very unique. For the sake of maintaining culture and tradition, all buildings built with the basic ingredients of nature. The wall using woven bamboo and the floor is still using clay and the roof is made of thatch. The house is known as the Bale Tani.

Then to the door, made a low. This is so that the guests who come to have respect for the owner of the house. Almost all the buildings in the Village of Sade is rich in philosophical value. Even how to take care of her is also very unique. The local population cleared the floor by using buffalo dung. Nevertheless, it still poses no smell when you are there.
They clean the floor as much as 2 times in one week.

Then for the roof, it will usually be replaced within a period of 5 to 15 years. Not only that but in the unique home is also equipped with various other public facilities. As a gathering place, a place of worship and also a place to store rice.

The tradition of the Inhabitants of a Unique


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Until now there is still one tradition that is still maintained, that the Mating Took. That is a tradition in which a man abducts the girl from the house without the knowledge of the parents of the girl. After the man reveals his feelings and then done a wedding to bring the girl back to his house. Then they would occupy the small house known as the “Bali Kodong” to do the honeymoon.

Not only that but still there is also another tradition that is often done on certain days. Traditions such as Dance Peresean, Dance Amaq Temenges and also Dance Drum Bale. Drum Baleq is traditional music with a rhythm very melodious voice.

The Livelihoods Of The Inhabitants Of The Village Of Sade


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Most of the population Sade livelihood as a farmer. But, due to the absence of irrigation channels, then most of the population filling time to weave. Women’s Sade is renowned for her skill in making woven fabric. That said, since the age of 9 years they have started to learn to weave.

In the Village of Sade, women are required to be able to weave. If you have a chance to visit, don’t forget to take the self to learn to weave. Guaranteed you will get a very pleasant experience. Not only that, but you can also document the process of spinning thread from the beginning to be a woven fabric that is beautiful.

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