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October 16, 2019
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List of tourist attractions in Lombok from time to time increasing. Senggigi beaches are one of them. Beach this one has a length of about 30 km is located in the north of the city Ampenan. Because of the position of the beach is near the airport and port make this beach one of the beaches that are very targeted travelers.

Senggigi beaches have their own appeal, the tourists have different reasons when asked the reason for visiting the beach. Many of them assume that in addition to the easy access and close proximity from the airport, this beach is also still relatively virgin and also save the charm of a very beautiful and lose if it is passed.

Tourist Attraction In Lombok Senggigi Beach

1. Relax and Picnic

With its white sand beach will be the location that is suitable for use as a place to relax while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery. You can picnic on the beach area with your friends, family or lover. In addition, there is also a tree-the tree that is quite lush around the beach that will certainly be suitable if set up a tent right under the tree.

2. Swim and Take a Dip

Senggigi beaches itself has a coastline like the bay so that seawater is calm with the only rippled to the beach. The condition of the beach as this would be very suitable for You who want to just take a dip or even swim in the sea.

3. Snorkeling

Senggigi beaches also have underwater scenery is nice. To enjoy the enchantment under the sea, visitors can rent scuba gear provided by some services dives around the coast. Quite practical and easy.

4. Surfing and Canoeing

Top Features of the game available, i.e. You can surf and play canoe, where canoes and tool surfing You can rent from the owners of the rental services that are contained in the beaches area.

5. Fishing

On the Beach of Senggigi has some area that is so suitable when utilized for fishing either around the beach or in the middle of the sea. To this if You do not have or did not bring a fishing pole itself. In the area of this beach can also be found services rental of fishing equipment.

6. Culinary

When traveling to Senggigi Beach doesn’t mean You can’t taste or enjoy the typical culinary of Lombok which is very good. Because in the region of Senggigi Beach You will easily find a variety of restaurants and stalls that must sell food typical of Lombok (NTB).

The price of Admission Senggigi Beach

The fees go to tourist attraction Lombok Senggigi Beach is very cheap. You will not be charged great, only with money Rp 15.000,- You already can pay one ticket for one person.

The route

To get to the Beach Senggigi, not so difficult especially at this time is the modern era and everything is already all-digital, which can guide You find a location You want to go.
If You are from the city of Mataram, You will need time maybe 30 minutes by using a vehicle car or motorcycle.

If You are from the island of Bali, You can use a sea lane that will take about 3 and a half hours to the port of Bai, and then go to the city of Mataram. If You depart from Bali, then You can use the transport crossing from the ticket fast boat. Fleet travel this one delivers is ready to deliver you from Bali to Senggigi Beach. You just visit the official website at

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