Review Of Nusa Penida, A Tourist Location Full Of Natural Charm

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August 6, 2019


Bali is never-ending when it comes to natural attractions. One of the locations on the island of Bali and is renowned for the natural beauty that is very stunning is Nusa Penida. Where the island that was still one province with Bali’s own is not much visited by tourists.

A couple of review of Nusa Penida himself stated that the island still has a wealth of nature that is still unspoiled. To reach Nusa Penida. You can use fast boats from the Island of Bali. Where to book the ticket in that is easy and also quick.

Attractions That Must Be Visited According To A Review Of Nusa Penida

Review Nusa Penida

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Nusa Penida is a lot of saving tourist locations that have appeal in terms of its natural charm is very beautiful. Not only that, but Nusa Penida can also be places that will probably not exist in the world. Here are the sights in Nusa Penida :

1. Crystal Bay

The beach is located in Nusa Penida itself has a shape like a crescent moon and is the most famous tourist destinations. Sand beach that is pure white in color and is flanked by rocky hills. Makes the Crytal Bay be the location that is filled with Fish Mola Mola are often seen in the months of August and September. You can enjoy the sunset when visiting this beach and also snorkeling to see a variety of fish and also coral reefs.

2. Broken Beach

Passive Uug knew with the Broken Beach this is a hill that has a big hole and has the shape of a giant. If a visit to this location alone You will be presented with the blue atmosphere of the sea which is very pretty while sitting on the lips tuning with a height of 200 meters. Sea in Passive Aug this in itself is crystal clear, so clear You can see fish or turtles swimming in the sea.

3. Angels Billabong

The location of the most recommended of the review Nusa Penida is an estuary that becomes a place to stop the flow of river water before entering the ocean. The uniqueness of the Angels Billabong this is a form of climbing that impressed has a value of art, in which its shape is a natural process. You can enjoy the crystal clear a pool that has greenlit because of the presence of mildew basically. If you want to swim in this location, it is better not at the time when seawater was high tide.

4. The Little Beach

The beach this one is known by the name of Coral Beach Gods or Manta Point. Where You will get a view that is very stunning and very beautiful. Tourists who visit this place often to capture the beauty of the Little finger Becah from the top of the hill. To visit this place yourself You have to be careful because there is still no security to the maximum.

5. Banah Beach

Not far from Little Beach, there is Banah Beach is also no less beautiful. In the location alone You can enjoy the beauty of the sea from the top of the hill. Where you will see a hill round which has a small hole in the middle. You can also enjoy the sunset at this location.

It is some review Nusa Penida You must visit when on holiday to Bali. To reach this location by yourself. You can only use the fast boat. To get tickets please visit and get the best price.

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