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September 29, 2019


Review of Gili Air very nice. Lombok is one of the area in Indonesia, which at this time became a tourist destination is most in-demand because there is so many beautiful places that can be for you to visit. One location that is very fitting for you to visit is the Archipelago of Gili, where Gili Air can become a very calming and fun for You.

Review Gili Air has always said that to be able to reach both, You need to use a fast boat from Bali. So you can easily book ticket fast boat to Gili Air from Bali, You can visit www.ticketfastboats.com that will give you the ease of booking a ticket and also the price that fits your budget.

Get To Know Gili Air Is In The To Travel More Exciting

Gili Air itself saves a lot of things not widely known by tourists. That’s because those still do not have a lot of visitors. Well, here are some things you need to know when you want to visit Gili Air :

1. A paradise for Snorkeling and Diving

Gili Air itself turned out to save a lot of underwater beauty that deserves to be seen. Where about Gili Air there are underwater realms that still maintained its sustainability. The coral reefs are still very complete and also has beautiful colors. Not only that the fish around the waters of Gili Air itself is still very awake its ecosystem. It will be very exciting when you do snorkeling and diving. Enjoy the beauty of the underwater world in Gili Air is a compulsory thing that You must do.

2. Inhabited By Native Tribes

When You visited  Gili Air, You can see directly the life of the native peoples of the island is Sasak Tribe. You can see a lot of things new or different about a life lived the tribe of the original. In addition, you can also see how they build houses, get food, to process food ingredients into the food the original is very unique and also delicious. The most unique of Sasak Tribe is the way they make the house lining the floor with buffalo dung in order to avoid mosquitoes and make the floor always clean.

3. Complete facilities

Review of Gili Air itself said that the island is itself already has a lot of facilities to the visitors, where there are several villas and hotels as well as transportation to facilitate the tourists to enjoy the beauty of nature in Gili Air and around the Gili Islands other.

4. Relax and sunbathe on the beach

Activities You can do in addition to seeing the lives of the citizens of the original Gili Air and underwater beauty, You can enjoy sunbathing on the edge of the beach accompanied by a gentle breeze that calms the heart. In addition to sunbathing, You also can enjoy the island by way of cycling. Where activities relaxing

It is some facts on the review of Gili Air which is of course very interesting and can be a new knowledge when you pay a visit to the island in Lombok. To be able to reach Gili Air is fast and convenient, you can visit www.ticketfastboats.com that will give you the ease of booking a ticket and can also choose quick ship in accordance with the schedule that you want. In addition, the price offered is very attractive with a fairly very good.

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