Review Of Gili Air That You Need To Know

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August 12, 2019


Visit various regions in Indonesia can be one of the most fun and also can not be forgotten, where many tourist attractions that you can visit and have a natural charm that is very intriguing. One of the places that you must visit is Gili Air located in the area of Gili Islands, Lombok.

There is some a review of Gili Air that states You can visit this place by using the fast boat from Bali Island. To facilitate You get a ticket from Bali to Gili Air, You can open the site that will provide various fast boat service options with a variety of departures.

Facts About Gili Air Which Has Not Been Known To Many Tourists

The presence of these facts will certainly make you interested to enjoy the beauty of nature that served the island. Here is a fact :

1. A paradise for Snorkeling and Diving

Gili Air is one of 3 islands that go in the Gili Islands which turned out to save the treasure under the sea which is very mesmerizing. Gili Air has a diversity of underwater maybe You can’t see in other locations. Still, the preservation of the coral reef ecosystem that is colorful to make the population of fish in this area is still very much. Not to mention with the crystal clear seawater is blue, of course, will add to the beauty of Gili Air.

2. Inhabited By Native Tribes

It is interesting next is Gili Air is still inhabited by tribes native to Indonesia, namely Sasak. In which with the existence of the tribe itself. You can see directly the life of citizens and also the culture. Sasak tribe is known as one of the tribes who have the habit and also unique customs. Whereof course this can add to Your knowledge as a tourist.

3. Complete facilities

Gili Air itself is an island that is not as busy as Gili Trawangan, where indeed there is a lot of tourist locations that can be visited. But a review of Gili Air itself says that You will get the complete facilities such as resort and also very convenient transportation. So, you do not need to worry during your vacation in Gili Air.

4. Around the Island by Bike

Gili Air itself is an island that is not so wide, where you can explore the island by bike. Around with a bike around the beach can certainly make you be relaxed and fresher.  Not only that, the sky clear and blue to complement the natural beauty that is in Gili Air.

5. Relax and sunbathe on the beach

If you want to enjoy the air in Gili Air, you can sunbathe and also relax on the beach. Where the sky is bright and also the breeze will make the feeling of being calm and also the mind is fresh.

It is some facts on the review of Gili Air which is of course very interesting. Visit Gili Air itself can You follow to another location such as Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno, where the second island is also not less beautiful. To be able to visit the Islands of Gil, You can book the ticket fast boat in providing ticket booking service from Bali to the Gili Islands.

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