Review Nusa Penida : Tourist Spot Full of Beauty

Explore Nusa Lembongan with Fast Boat
September 24, 2019


When tourists hear the paradise of the world, will certainly think about Bali. The island of Bali has become one of the tourist destinations which is very famous up to foreign countries. The beauty of nature and culture become the main attraction of this island. One of the locations in Bali which turned out to save the natural charm that is very beautiful is Nusa Penida.

Review of Nusa Penida himself stated that the island turns out to still save some of the attractions that still haven’t even touched. To reach Nusa Penida, a fast boat is the main transport that You can use in Bali, where the ticket booking can be done in that is easy and also quick.

A Riveting According To A Review Of Nusa Penida

With still rare tourists who visit Nusa Penida, of course, make this location still maintained its sustainability and also likely still a lot of unspoiled places at all. Here are some of the attractions in Nusa Penida You must visit :

1. Crystal Bay

Location Crystal Bay itself become one of the most popular among the tourists who visit Nusa Penida. This in itself because the beach has a crescent shape with white sand beaches brilliant. In addition. This location is also surrounded by a cliff that stretches around the beach which makes the scenery become more exotic. If you visit around August to September. There is a possibility you will see the mola-mola that becomes one of the marine life is very beautiful.

2. Broken Beach (Passive Uug)

When you pay a visit to Broken Beach or by local people called the Passive Uug. Then You will find a hill there is a giant hole and make it into a pond. At the time of Your visit to this location alone. You will see the splendid view of beautiful crystal clear seawater blue from the lip of the cliff with a height of 200 meters. Because of the crystal clear water of the sea that are on the Broken Beach. You can see the ocean floor filled with coral reefs and fish even a sea turtle.

3. Angels Billabong

Next location which is highly recommended by review Nusa Penida is the estuary that becomes a meeting place for river water flow before entry into the ocean is often called the Angles Billabong. This location is quite unique. Where you can enjoy the natural masterpieces of the cliffs that formed a natural and produce a beautiful landscape and unique. You can swim in the Angels Billabong with a note on when the water does not have a current toned. Where You can enjoy the colors the water bright green and very clear.

4. Banah Beach

Banah beach also become one of the locations that are highly recommended. Where you can see the sea view from the top of the hill. When looked at to the middle of the sea, then you will find a large rock that has a hole in the middle. In Banah Beach You will be able to enjoy a very beautiful sunset and You should not miss. This location has also become a favorite for travelers which indeed has a natural beauty that can not be refuted again.

It is some of the reviews of Nusa Penida, there are several other tourist locations that you can visit. To reach Nusa Penida, you can only use the fast boat. To get tickets please visit that gives the ease of booking a ticket with competitive price and best service.

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