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Gili Trawangan

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Called Gili Trawangan because this place is a small island (Gili) that is located on the west side of the island of Lombok. Besides this island, there are two other small islands, namely the island of Gili Meno and Gili air island. The island is already known by many tourists at home and abroad. Visitors who come average very satisfying vacation there because the scenery is beautiful, as well as the supporting facilities, are already very complete.

Well, if you’re curious what the usual tourists there as well as how to access good transport during the holiday in there. Then, please read some of the fun activities that can be done during your stay on the island. Hopefully by reading this article can give you a little reference for you.

See present or known by the stick fighting

Present or stick fighting is a tradition typical of Sasak tribe. He is a symbol of the virility of a man who was in the show you will see a scene of two men fighting each other using a shield made of buffalo skin to fend off the attack and stick of rattan as a weapon to attack. A spectacle of exciting and enjoyed.

A visit to the location of the turtle conservation

The location of turtle conservation (Turtle Conservation) is not so far away from the port and of course, you can reach by walk. In there you can see a lot of activity the maintenance of the turtle starting from the treatment up to the release of the turtle into the seawater. Well, usually the activities of the turtle release are accompanied by a traditional ceremony as a symbol of respect. Certainly, it would be very interesting to see.

Drive around the island while riding a horse

Activity very exciting in Gili Trawangan next is the riding. Who the hell is not happy, animals dashing it? Calm down, you don’t be afraid because it will be a horse riding a self, in place of leasing a horse as Stud stables and Sunset stables will provide the horse guards to accompany you around the beach. The price of the rental of approximately Usd 250 thousand hourly or around $25 only.

Enjoy watersport/rides water play

Close to the water, don’t ask me. This island provides the facility exclamation in the form of watersport that varies. You just choose to want to ride a jet ski, banana boat, sub wing, paddleboard, etc, or choose to swim at the edge of the beach and accompanied by the rustle of the waves only. Rental place on the island is fairly much, and the price is also diverse ranging from cheap to price executive. You can freely play in the water all day until tired.

Snorkeling and Diving

Of course, the two activities is what makes the essence of travel is an archipelago consisting of the expanse of the vast sea. If you are novice diver, then you can enjoy the beautiful underwater world with the facilities for snorkeling is provided. Whereas if you are a diver pro license is, then diving is a great activity that can also you do there. Crystal clear water and thousands of species of marine life that motley will invigorate your eyes.

Before going on vacation, don’t forget to make sure in advance of transportation that will take you there. Therefore, if you want to cross from one island to another island we recommend you book tickets online in advance. Please check the information regarding the transport of the sea in Gili Trawangan on the website for more details again.

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