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Peep The Uniqueness Of Sade Village Lombok
January 30, 2020

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Tourist locations in Lombok Island the day the more who know, the travel-new also began to appear. Aside from Sade Village known as village Lombok. Both the Pengasingan Hill which is a hill on the island of Lombok. Those beautiful views. So You not only come to Lombok just to go to the beach alone.



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Pengasingan Hill itself is located near the area of Mount Rinjani. With scenes of nature that are still green plots of rice fields residents from the Village of Sembalun, which when viewed from a height. Very beautiful with the color tone of the debate. Because in the area it is still beautiful, made even in such a place still cool and distinctive mountains.

To get to the top of the hill, You only need to climb at a normal time takes around 2-3hours journey. This hill is also known as a place to practice or warm-up for those who will climb to Mount Rinjani. It is not uncommon, because it has a height of is still fairly easy to reach. In addition, this Hill is often used for sports extreme is much preferred.

Generally, climbers start the journey from early in the morning. This in order to get a moment to enjoy the sunrise from the backside of Mount Rinjani. If You climb during the day, no need to worry because You can still enjoy the sunset will be waiting for You in the afternoon.

If you want to stay in Pengasingan Hill, make sure You bring thick clothes as the temperature at night can reach 12 degrees celsius. For travelers who need clean water for the purposes of eating or drinking don’t need to worry. Because of the area of the peak available source of clean water. The location is very close just need a down a bit. But still, be careful because the terrain is a little steep.

Camping in the Pengasingan Hill

Camping has become one of the goals of the tourists who come. While waiting for the sunrise or sunset You can do activities altitude with friends while gathered and told me to warm up to each other. The atmosphere was very suitable for outdoor activities such as camping or camping with a bunch of friends.

Not only that, You can try another challenge such as paragliding. Do the extreme with free-fall using paragliding over the expanse of rice fields. Complete with a sighting of Mount Rinjani, which is magnificent. For those of You who want to try but still hesitate, no need to worry You will be accompanied by professionals who ensure the safety as well as comfort.

Still, a lot of extreme sports that You can meet and follow. Ranging from rock climbing, mountain bike, and some of the extreme activities that You can enjoy when within the hill. For tourists who do not like extreme sports, there are still many ways to enjoy the natural beauty of this one. Such as hunting spots for photos to capture the exciting moments when in Pengasingan Hill.

The location of the towards the form Pengasingan Hill Lombok

Local natural attractions are located in the village of Sembalun Lawang, East Lombok. It can be reached from Mataram City center by taking a travel time of about 3 hours of travel by motor vehicle. Access to the site is also very easy and smooth because the condition of the road is paved plus treat green plants along the journey.

So can feel the beauty of the hill You will only be charged Rp 10.000. For those of You who want to try the extreme challenge with up paragliding, You must pay Rp 350.000 for the life experience that You can’t do every day.
There are a few tips for You before the climb, get in a fit condition, using clothing and comfortable shoes, bring necessary items including P3K and always be on the alert with the terrain because there are some hiking trails with a slope of 70 degrees.

Pengasingan Hill indeed offers an amazing view. If You travel from Bali, You can use the Fast boat from Bali to Lombok from

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