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October 3, 2019

List of tourist attractions in Lombok very much at all.For the tourists who are very fond of mountain climbing activities, when you hear the name of mount Rinjani certainly is not a stranger anymore. Mount Rinjani is one of the third largest mountains in the province of West Nusa Tenggara

Two other mountains located in Sumbawa island, namely mount Tambora coincide at the border between the districts of Bima and Dompu, while mount Sangeang is located in the district of Nusa Tenggara: Kabupaten Bima or located on the eastern tip of the province of West Nusa Tenggara.

If you are a lover of nature, it is not complete if you at all have not felt a thrill go up the mountain which is a very famous and very beautiful natural panorama. With reached a height of 3.726 meters above sea level and located in the north of the island of Lombok, Mount Rinjani is a volcano with a height of number two in Indonesia.

Gunung Rinjani has a crater that is wide enough and there is also a crater lake named Segara Anak lake has a depth of about 230 m.
Have color the water blue like the water on the ocean, the water flow from the lake forms a waterfall which is so beautiful and true it flows through a steep ravine. So many groups of climbers who used the place for fishing in this lake because there is a lot of carp and tilapia.

Access To The Site Mountain Rinjani

Mount Rinjani

Access to visit the Island of Lombok in addition to can take through the land route, namely using the direct bus from Jakarta – Mataram and will definitely cross the island using the ferry as much as two times in the Bali Strait and Lombok Strait, apart from that the journey can also be reached by using the transport aircraft.

The Route To Mount Rinjani

When you do climbing activities on mount Rinjani. Especially for the tourists who come from outside the area of the island of Lombok. There are two paths commonly traversed by tourists, namely the land and also the airline.

1. A Landline

For travelers by land attempted to quit in the end goal, namely to terminal Mandalika, Mataram after it from terminal Mandalika use car ankle like a car elves or the like to the market Aikmel with travel time about 1 hour later than the market Aikmel to the location of mount Rinjani using pickup requires the travel time for 2 hours.

2. Air Line

Special travelers using the airline is certainly the end goal of Lombok International airport. From Lombok International airport. You will be using the bus service Damri which aims at Damri terminal Mataram during the trip for 1 hour.

After that from the station Damri Mataram heading to Terminal Mandalika. Mataram can be reached by foot or using taxi services to travel around 10 minutes. From terminal Mandalika. Mataram You use a car ankle kind of elves heading to the market Aikmel travel time of 1 hour. Travel time from market Aikmel to Sembalun. Namely the location of mount Rinjani itself by using the car within 2 hours.

Hiking Trails

There are 2 hiking trails that can reach the Peak of Rinjani, the Path Sembalun and Senaru. Line Sembalun route is a favorite for hikers because even though the track is slightly longer but it can save 700 m altitude.

With the Path, Sembalun’s own climbers will cross the expanse of the savanna so wide and beautiful. There is three post-retreat to this line. After the post three of the climbers will face the trajectory of the steep climbs on the line of the slope of about 60 degrees.

While on the Path of Senaru, the climber will through the tropical forest is very dense and also steep. Not much different from the Sembalun Track. The tracks also there are 3 posts to rest before You eventually reach the post-Pelawangan. Which is generally used as the location of the campground.

How, quite interesting List of tourist attractions in Lombok this one? Now it’s time You all start scheduled vacation to Gunung Rinjani.

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