List of Tourist attractions in Lombok Mandatory Visited

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August 26, 2019

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A tourist place in Lombok is currently on the rise. A lot of interesting destinations that present a variety of charm, a stunning natural beauty. It could be said, Lombok is a great alternative for all of you who want to visit a place as beautiful as Bali, but the place is deserted.
Curious about what are the tourist attractions in Lombok? Direct course, check out the details here.

A variety of Interesting Tourist Destinations in Lombok

1. Kuta Beach

A tourist place in Lombok

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At a glance, we would think that if this Beach is the same beach within Bali. Despite having the same name, but Kuta Beach in Lombok is very different. More actually clean and quieter. For those of you, a tourist spot in Lombokthis one is located in Kuta Village, Central Lombok. Kuta beach is also often become a destination for tourists visiting Lombok. The existence of soft sand and waves that pas make Kuta Beach is very fitting used to visit.

In Kuta Beach, you can all do a variety of interesting activities. One of them do snorkeling, surfing, rent a boat, to see the sunset. Then on to the features are also very complete. Around the beach are already a lot of hassle that you can use as a place of rest. In addition, you will do surfing, you can also rent equipment at the beach. Regarding food, there are also many eating places that you can find.

To get a feel of the waves that fit, we recommend you come between the hours of 09.00 to 15.00. However, if you only want to see the sunset, you can come in at 16.00 or 17.00.

2. Tanjung Aan Beach


A tourist place in Lombok

After visiting Kuta Beach, you can continue the trip to Tanjung Aan Beach. This Beach location is also close to Kuta Beach. Tanjung Aan beach saves the natural charm that is very beautiful. Interestingly, the grains of sand of Tanjung Aan Beach is like a grain of pepper.

At Tanjung Aan Beach, you will also see the sights of beautiful coral reefs. It could be said, the Beach is also very friendly to visitors who want to do snorkeling. If you want to do snorkeling, then you can rent the equipment that is leased by the local population. After swimming or snorkeling, you can try the freshness of young coconut drinks and also sit in a chair around the beach.

Associated with the distances, (a tourist place in Lombok) this one is only 3 km away from Kuta Beach. You can use public transportation to get to the Beach Tanjung Aan.

3. Tangsi Beach

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A tourist place in Lombok

From Lombok Tengah, let us turn to the area of East Lombok. In the area of East Lombok, there is a Beach which is very unique. The beach has sand-colored pink, so it is often called the Pink Beach.
About the access location, you simply drive as far as 2 kilometers from the city of Mataram to find a board that reads “Pink Beach 50 m”. If you want, you can also rent a boat from the Port of TanjungOutside towards the beach area.

Related to the time of the visit. We suggest you visit at around 08.00 until 16.00. When the sunlight is bright-he explained then the sand will be seen bouncing with the color pink. In addition, make sure to come during the dry season so that more get the enchanting beauty of the pink sand maximum. Oh yes, in Pink Beach there is no selling of food or drink. For that, you should all bring lunch from home.

4. Mount Rinjani

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A tourist place in Lombok

After the Beach, let’s move on with the search for a view that is fresh. Mount Rinjani. Mount Rinjani is a tourist place in Lombok which is visited by many climbers. A lot of climbers from outside the area who come to see the charm and beauty of Rinjani.

To be able to see the beauty of Mount Rinjani, you don’t need to climb up to the top. In Rinjani there Segara Anakan which is very famous. More than that, in the vicinity of Lake Segara Anakan, is also a range of Goa which is very fitting to discover. Such as goa Susu, goa Payung and also the Cave of Beads. You can also visit a natural hot that are in the area around the lake.

Other charms you can find in Mount Rinjani waterfall.right at the foot of Mount Rinjani you can find a variety of waterfall. There are at least 20 waterfalls at the foot of Mount Rinjani. In addition, there is also a meadow which is located in the village of Sembalun Lawang, which is the beginning of the climb Rinjani.

5. Narmada Park

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A tourist place in Lombok

Narmada Park is a park which is a relic of Anak Agung Ngurah Karang Asem, namely a King in the 18th century. A tourist place in Lombok this one was used as a place of rest and a place of ritual.
For those of you, Narmada Park located in the District of Narmada, Lombok the West. Today, Narmada Park use to the public after undergoing a refurbishment project.

About his condition, Narmada Park has a condition very neat and well maintained. At a glance similar to the garden of the royal family in Karangasem, Bali.

6. The Hamlet Of Sade

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A tourist place in Lombok

For you who are happy with cultural tourism, then the Hill Sade this is very fitting. The inhabitants of the Hamlet of Sade is still maintaining the tradition. The house used is also still very traditional. You will find homes that use grass roof, complete with walls of wicker and bamboo and wood are used for support.

Uniquely, each house also has a different function. Like Bale Tani used as the residential family. Bale Kodong used for residents who have not had children or for that elderly. The last that Bale Bonter which is the occupancy of the officials of the village. In the Hamlet of Sade also contained the granary and the village that can be used residents to conduct the negotiations.

Regarding location, the Hamlet of Sade is located in District Pujut, Central Lombok. In the hamlet of Sade, you all can also see the process of making ikat with traditional processes. Local residents also held a festival and traditional ritual.

7. Waterfall Tui Kelep

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In the village of Senaru, the Foot of Mount Rinjani, North Lombok there is a place that holds charm and beauty. Tiu Kelep Waterfall. Can say, a tourist place in Lombok this one also is still very natural. Tiu Kelep Waterfall is present with a height of approximately 45 meters. When you visit, you will see a variety of trees and also the forest that is still natural.

The presence of nature and fresh air, instantly make tiredness disappear. Oh yes, there has been no means of transportation that can deliver to the location. Thus, you should all rent a motor vehicle.

Here is a review of a tourist place in Lombok. If you have found the location to be visited, just schedule your vacation right now. Additional information, you are going to Lombok from Bali, and now your trip more easy. You can use the services of the fast boat the best of A lot of transport options that you can make as a choice. Happy holidays.

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