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August 21, 2019
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List Culinary Lombok it turns out that a lot of.  On vacation, someplace or area will certainly be noticeably less if you do not taste the typical food of the place. Not uncommon among travelers whether it’s tourists foreign or domestic tourists to visit a place because you want to travel the culinary. Because each place definitely has food that is typically better it feels its shape or other.

Similarly, the island of Lombok. In addition to presenting a variety of attractions that are beautiful and also interesting. Lombok also has food that is tasty which is worth your try if traveling to Lombok. Here are some culinary tour in Lombok island

Culinary Lombok You must Try

1. Nasi Balap Puyung

First list culinary Lombok Nasi Balap Puyung is one of the typical food of Lombok mandatory-you try. For those of you who want to feel the food version of the original, you can visit the house to eat rice racing Puyung Iraq Esun already selling since the 90s. From the looks of this rice looks ordinary course is a blend of white rice soybeans, fried eel, shredded chicken marinade, fried chickpeas, fried potatoes crispy. That makes this rice with the chicken seasoning spicy. For those of you who don’t like spicy should not be too many eating.

2. Taliwang Restaurant

In some corner of the city of Mataram eating houses that sell Ayam Bakar Taliwang. So you need not distress find such culinary. Food with spicy taste also becomes mandatory food you try when visiting Lombok. The chicken used is chicken with spices typical of Lombok which is then baked or fried.

3. Kale Plecing

Pale Plecing, this is a typical food of Lombok where the taste and texture of not over it’s not will you find in other places. Food is always a mandatory menu for every meal in Lombok. The food is made from a decoction of kale in length then mixed with tomato sambal and spicy. Don’t forget the mixed shrimp paste and lime juice make the taste Pale Plecing this be a fresh spicy and of course delicious.

4. Sate Bulayak

Sate and Bulayak this is a typical food of Lombok where Bulayak has a texture almost like a diamond and is presented in the form of round elongated then wrapped with leaves of palm. That makes these skewers into the marinade used. Wherein a portion of satay flavored with peanut sauce. But this satay use herbs special with coconut milk and pecans boiled. Satay is always a lot you find if you visit Senggigi beach. You can also find it in some home eating a typical Lombok.

5. Beberuq eggplant

This food is a food that is definitely there when you taste Chicken Taliwang. If you order the chicken Taliwang then you will get a right also 1  Pelecing and 1 serving beberuq. Beberuk is made from grilled eggplant that is already in the small and then added with the sambal spicy tomato. The taste of good food is that spicy fresh sour so it gives the sensation of his own tongue.

Pretty much not a menu of food typical of Sasak tribe is this? If you want to visit Lombok, don’t forget to try a variety of delicious menu at the top. The good news, now crossing to Lombok it’s increasingly easy thanks to the presence of a fast boat So, still waiting for moreover?

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