Kuta Lombok Beach and Its Beauty

Nusa Lembongan and its Beauty
October 30, 2019

Kuta beach in Lombok become one of the attractions on the island of Lombok in addition to Mount Rinjani. Kuta beach is known as the beach in the Island of Gods, Bali. But it turns out that Lombok also saves the Beaches are not less beautiful with Kuta Beach in Bali.

Although Kuta Beach Lombok has been touched by modernism, but still keep the various charms and beauty of its own. Many tourists both from domestic and foreign many who visit to enjoy the beauty of Kuta Beach Lombok. Even most of the tourists who visit Bali also took the time to visit the beautiful Beaches on this one.

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Ticket Prices Lombok Kuta Beach

About the price of the ticket, Kuta Beach Lombok does not give special rates. For tourists, only a parking charge of Rp. 10,000 for the car. Then for a motor vehicle, the parking charge of Rp. 5.000.

The route and the Location of Kuta Beach Lombok

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Kuta beach Lombok located in Kuta Village, Pujut, Central Lombok District. For that, if you want to visit, you should first come to Lombok in the middle. Precisely in the village of Kuta. Kuta beach Lombok is quite extensive. More or less represents the Area along the coastline of 7.2 KM.

If you depart from Mataram city, there will be a distance of approximately 72Km to the direction of the Tenggara. It takes a distance of approximately 90 minutes. The route to Kuta Beach from Mataram city is also passing through Sade Village which is a village of the Sasak Tribe. This village still holds the tradition, making it mandatory to visit.
Then in the west, there is a hill, i.e. the Hill of Mandalika. This hill saves a myriad of sea beauty that is very dear to miss. Kuta beach saves the seawater is very clear so it is very fitting used to see the expanse of the coral under the sea.

Tourist activities in Kuta Beach Lombok

Not only present a panorama as well as beautiful Beach views only. More than that, you can also enjoy a variety of activities as follows.

1. Bathing or swimming in the Sea

Swimming or bathing in the sea became one of the activities that must be done when visiting the Beach. Especially if your next trip to Kuta Beach is still clear of the water. Not only that. Natural conditions, as well as other security, can also be done here. Thus no need to worry to play as well as bathing in the sea. But, still, you should keep an eye on your children.

2. Do water sports activities

In addition to swimming, there are also many water activities that you can do when visiting Kuta Beach. In addition, the beach is equipped with modern facilities so that it will add new sensations during your next trip.
There are plenty of water sports facilities that you can try. Jetski, banana boat and a windsurfer for example. The beach is very fitting for you who want to come to bring the fruit of the heart or invite the family.

3. Witness the traditional ceremony of the local

Not only do the water sports activities as well as enjoying the water sports course. As a visitor, you can also do cultural tourism. If you are visiting between the months of February and March, then you can see the ceremony of Bau Nyale which is performed every once a year.

The ceremony is held on the Beach Seger located not far from Kuta Beach. Precisely within 2Km. the activities of this ceremony that is catching nyale by the local community. The goal is to commemorate the story of Princess Mandalika.

Overall, the Kuta Beach of Lombok is very fitting available on its own or With the family. More curious about the beauty of Kuta Beach Lombok? Fast boat from Bali to Lombok is ready to deliver your travel all.

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