Gili Kondo, the Beautiful Island at the Eastern End of Lombok

Kuta Lombok Beach and Its Beauty
November 28, 2019

Gili Kondo is one of the many gilis be attractions in Lombok. The same as the neighboring islands of Bali, Lombok is also famous for its marine beautiful. Lombok has dozens of exotic beach beautiful can make Your eyes. In addition pantaiLombok also famous with Gili charming, one being a beautiful of course the Gili Kondo.

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Although not as popular as tourist areas of Senggigi Beach, Gili Trawangan also Gili Air. However Gili Kondo remains viable, You enter into the list of your vacation.

If You are interested to pay a visit to Gili Kondo here we give a little review about Gili Kondo.

Ticket Price To Gili Kondo

For your next trip to Gili Kondo, You will not be charged, You only need to pay the cost of charter shuttle boat will cost Rp 260,000 with a capacity of maximum passengers 10 people. The self-parking fee will be charged Rp 3,000 for motorcycles and for the car is Rp 10.000.

The route and the Location of the Gili Kondo

Gili Kondo located in Jalan Raya Sambelia, Labuan Pandan, Zambia, East Lombok District, West Nusa Tenggara. The island is small and beautiful is relatively easy to access.

It can be accessed from Mataram (Lombok Barat), Selong (East Lombok) or from the International Airport of Lombok in Praya, Central Lombok. However, because Gili is not too popular, then You should ask the location of the Sambelia first, inquire about the Gili Kondo.

Long-time crossing from Sambelia to Gili Kondo takes 20 to 30 minutes. If running from Mataram, West Lombok, it will take 2 to 2.5 hours to travel.

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Tourism activities in Gili Kondo

Even so, the means have not been adequate this does not hinder You to enjoy the beauty of Gili Kondo. Fun activities that You can do in Gili Kondo, among others:

1. Snorkeling

For those of You who are fond of snorkeling Gili Kondo is a paradise that You must visit. This small island is quite flat, so the coral reefs and marine life around the beach can be clearly seen from the surface of the water. Especially if enjoyed the scenery by snorkeling.

2. Witness the phenomenon of earthen Vessel

One of the unique sights while on vacation to Gili Kondo is a phenomenon earthen Vessel. Earthen Vessel is a small island near Gili Kondo which only appears when the seawater was receding. Its shape like a mound of wide white sands. However, at high tide, Gili petite is lost in the water of the sea.

3. Swim in the crystal Clear Sea

Water conditions are clear and clean in Gili Kondo make You will not be resistant to withstand the temptation to dive and swim in the sea. It was so clear You could see fish and coral reefs to swim around You, amazing isn’t it?
That’s a little review of the various information related to Gili Kondo. Hopefully, the information presented can be a reference for You. Don’t forget to use sea travel easily with Fast Boat from Bali to Gili of Ticketfastboat. Happy holidays.

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