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To the uniqueness, the most striking of the island with the white sand beach is the size of the relatively tiny compared to the other islands in the vicinity. The name Gili is derived from the Sasak Tribe in Lombok that means Nusa Small. Said to be small because only small islands that have the name Gili in front of him.

Gili Kedis is an island that is rich with beauty. Many people call this beach as a paradise of tourists, both local and foreign tourists.

If seen from a distance using Drones, it looks like the mainland is white because of the sand and in the middle, there are a few trees standing. Even the beach area is wider than the trees.

The private island is the first impression when visiting this island because its size is very small and rarely visited by tourists. The island is uninhabited and a new course was introduced by the public as a tourist spot. The atmosphere that is felt there is enough quiet, clean, safe, and suitable for tourists who want to feel what it’s like to have a private island.

Appeal Gili Keddis

Gili Kedis (Picture by:

White beach clean

In the middle of the island, there are a few trees and shrubs, fit for the shelter. If there are no trees, maybe the island is less interesting. On the other hand, many perceived there quite quiet, not many visitors, and the sound of the waves everywhere.

The water is extremely clear and clean.

When vacationing at the beach, Your eyes will be filled with views of the blue sea in Gili. The seawater around the island is quite clean, clear, and clear. Even with the naked eye, the view under the sea can be very clear. Interestingly, all sides of the island are arguably the beach mini or the lips of the island with crystal clear water on all sides.

Diving or Snorkeling.

If You want to enjoy the scenery under the sea, try to do diving or snorkeling. Not only the beauty of the island the main attraction here but what there is underneath. Yes, the scenery under the sea around the Gili Kedis is very charming. You can see a lot of ornamental fish with coral reefs almost on all sides of the beach. On a certain side, there are rocks that are very suitable to be used as the background of the place to take photos.

The location of the wedding photos and honey.

For couples who want to honeymoon or wedding photos very suitable because it is very strategic. The location of the main island to Gili Kedis is quite close, only about 10 to 15 minutes of travel time. This allows for You back and forth along with the pair of the inn or hotel around.

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  • Swing the size of the adults around the trees.
  • Bathroom with fresh water
  • Home hall
  • Places of worship simple
  • Seating

To get to this island, You can rent the facilities services between the boats there are usually on each island..

The Price Of Admission

You can visit this island for 24 hours. The cost of the boat to the island could have been different. There are several options for boats that can be used. The boat has a rental price of IDR 200K roundtrip and boat engines around the IDR 300K  roundtrip. It can be found easily in the port Sheet. While the ticket to get in there enough to IDR 5K course, different again when You spend the money in there for a snack.

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The location is close to Gili Sudak in Sekotong, southwest of Lombok Island. From the Selong Beranak, take a distance of approximately 22 kilometers. If using the boat engine, enough to travel for about 10 minutes. The exact location Gili Kendis located in Sekotong Barat, Kab. Lombok Barat, NTB. One-on-one side of the road to the island is by boat.

Have a plan to travel to Gili Kedis? If you start the trip from Bali, you can use the fast boat from Bali to Gili from Ticketfastboat.

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