Fast Boat from Padangbai to Gili Trawangan

Fast Boat D’Camel Fast Ferry
July 14, 2019


Fast Boat from Bali to Gili Trawangan, we get from Padangbai pier. The presence of a fast ship is able to deliver you in the time of 1.5 hours. Some providers have a schedule of crossing as much as 2 times in a day. Whether it’s a trip to Gili Trawangan, Gili Air or a trip to the pier Ward in Lombok. Can not be denied if the enthusiasm of the tourists to visit the island is very high, for it is not surprising if the course of traffic with the fast boat is also quite high.

Fast boat from Padangbai to Gili Trawangan

Fast boat from Padangbai to Gili Trawangan


Travel to Gili use Fast Boat from Padangbai to Gili Trawangan is certainly more interesting. When you select a fleet, you just need to wait in the hotel, then arriving in Padangbai direct fast boat ride and headed to Gili Trawangan. You no longer need to bother to think of transport to the airport as well as to transit to Mataram then headed to the Ward to retain local boat to Gili. For the price, also cheaper. Especially after the earthquake yesterday, now level visits are increasing so that it will be a lot of price schedule fast boat.

Provider Fast Boat from Padangbai to Gili Trawangan

Regarding the type of provider available from some crossing in Bali. On the other side of the ticket that we provide is cheap fast ship with departures from Padangbai pier. Because the sea journey could be more close, cheap, and time is very short. Different when departing from the dock Sanur, it will take about 2.5 hours of sea travel. Regarding the schedule of his departure, present departures as much as 2 times so it is possible if you take a one day trip.

Ticket Fast boat which is one of the providers of fast boat services to Gili Trawangan, this also presents the ship in a large size. Regarding his departure, the ship will start to depart in accordance with the number of passengers who will depart. With the body size is large, then the magnitude of the shocks will be increasingly minimized. Thus, then your trip will be more comfortable.

Our Ticket Fast Boat presents a ticket crossing with a fast boat on this one. In addition, we also choose the provider or operator of the boat that delivers the best service. In addition, the price of the ticket is also cheaper. This is because of the agent price, so different. In addition, we can also negotiate the best price quote.

More of it, Fast Boat one is presented with a variety of equipment of international standards with a crew and skipper that have been experienced. Comes with a variety of supporting facilities such as life jacket, luggage area, inflatable boat, GPS and many various other supporting features that will support the journey you all.

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