Hunting The Beauty Of Gili Air With Fast Boat

Why Should Choose Gili Gili Fast Boat?
July 12, 2019


Talk about the natural beauty of Lombok seemed to have no end. It looks like Lombok become one of the paradises for the tourists.  Today many travelers who plan to travel to Gili Air by fast boat. Travel use Fast Boat From Padang Bai to Gili this delivers the thrill of travel different than when flying in an aircraft. You will find a listening experience that was cool when enjoying the sea view with a touch of water which is very refreshing. For that, do not be surprised if a lot of tourists who travel to Gili Air by Fast Boat.

In addition, there are already some places crossing from Bali that serve the crossing to Gili Air, one of which is the pier of Padang Bai. Can say, this dock is the one dock the most popular. That’s because access to the island across the sea is also very close. More than that, the price is also cheaper, compared with the dock of Sanur. There are several providers fast boat from ticket fast boat. By using this provider, then you will get a very short trip, which is only 45 minutes to get to Gili Air.

Tourist Experience As Well as Thrill Ride Fast Boat from Padang Bai to Gili

Fast Boat From Padang Bai to Gili

Fast Boat From Padang Bai to Gili

Along the way, either from the pier, you depart, of course, presenting a variety of sensations different journey. Similarly, when you depart from the pier of Padang Bai. From Padang Bai to Gili Air only takes 1.5 hours using a fast boat is large in size and with a capacity of approximately 100 people.

With duration trip 1,5 hours to 2 hours, then not only you can use for relaxing in the cabin of course. Take advantage of that time to get out and see the natural scenery of the sea. You can see various views of the sea and see the beautiful coastline by using the fast boat. The expanse of beach which is very beautiful to be a distraction when your eyes are exposed to the blows of the seawater. This certainly makes your trip more enjoyable.

From the top of the ship with a capacity of approximately 20 people, you can freely relax while enjoying a fresh drink. You can also remain silent while enjoying the sea journey with more relaxing.
When you book a fast boat, you do not need to come to another dock. With this increasingly easy. You just need to do the phone or book directly through the website ticket fast boat and then you will be picked up on-site.

If you want the travel experience more enjoyable, then it is recommended to choose the itinerary during the afternoon. Remember when the daytime weather will be getting hotter. But if you want the heat of the sun. Take a trip schedule during the day is also not a problem. For you who take itinerary the afternoon. The ships quickly this began to leave around 4 in the afternoon. Thus then you will find a cool atmosphere during the trip and you can also see the sunset from the top of the ship. With this, it is definitely a travel experience that is as comfortable as possible.

How Do Warming Fast Boat to Gili Air

Fast Boat From Bali to Gili

Fast Boat From Bali to Gili

We present a Fast Boat from Padang Bai to Gili with the partner or provider fast reliable, convenient, reliable and provide affordable prices. You can book directly by filling out the form according to the contact details on the website ticket fast boat.

We advise to book sooner, given at any time of tickets can be depleted. Especially when the holiday season such as the holidays, new year and also the celebration of Nyepi in Bali. You can order in larger quantities. Please check deals of cheap fast boat to Gili Air now, before the price goes up.
Ticket fast boat delivers a variety of services purposes of travel for you, not only ticket fast boat, but we are also ready to deliver a better travel experience.

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