What You Need to Know about Bali-Lombok Fast Boat Service

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The fast Boat Service from Bali to Lombok Island
December 10, 2019

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Lombok is one of many popular Island Indonesia. It always has been the favorite destination between Indonesian and even foreigners. To reach Lombok Island. People usually take a transfer boat service and the popular one is the fast boat Bali to Lombok. Crossing the ocean to Lombok via Bali is the most favorable route for a while. Besides, it is very convenient and accessible. Many people prefer to spend their time to enjoy Bali’s beauty. This could be the reason why the fast boat service is well-liked. If you wish to visit Lombok after your holiday in Bali. The boat which will take you to cross the ocean is departed from Padang Bai harbor.

Besides available both on online booking sites and local tour agent -which let those who wish to cross the Island an easy booking solution- the boat transfer service to Lombok is providing favorable service such as hotel pick-up as well. The hotel pick-up area includes Sanur, Legian, Ubud, and others within reach region. However, some areas might require extra charges for the hotel pick-up service so it is better to make sure whether the area where you stay is an extra charge or not.

Things to Do Before Booking A Fast Boat Service



 As mentioned before, the transfer boat service offers an easy booking process for you. Because of the fact, we encourage you not to forget preparing a trip plan beforehand. Spend a little of your time to check some things related to the fast boat you wish to book might help you to get the most of your expectation. You can sort the result you get and choose the best option of fast boat Bali to Lombok, which suits your preference the best.

1. Check the schedule

First thing first, you need to decide the departure time that matches with your timetable. each boat company usually only depart twice to three times a day. The first departure time from Padang Bai harbor is around 09 A.M while the second departure time is around 01 P.M. However, if you get a hotel pick-up service please note that each region has different pick-up time because of the distance from the hotel to the harbor could be diverse, depends on the hotel location.

2. Choose the boat company

Choosing the boat company is just as important as checking the departure schedule. Many notable companies offer Bali fast boat island-crossing service. From many boat companies available, each provides varied facilities and services.  However, even provide different facilities, all companies provide a boat that safe for all passengers just the same.  After finish with choosing the boat company, you can immediately book your kind of fast boat Bali to Lombok!




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