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June 3, 2019


Trip to Gili Trawangan provides a pleasant experience. Gili Trawangan is an island that is most famous in the area of Lombok. A small island located on the northwest side of Lombok Island does not Only offer a view of the beautiful course. The beach and its natural charm will make Your eyes amazement. You can do a wide variety of activities that You prefer. Aside from that, You can also join in events the beach in the evening.

Lombok island is one of the many kinds of a small island contained in the region of Eastern Indonesia. But the Island of Lombok is surrounded by some of the islands which are small. Who was given the name “Gili”. One Gili of Lombok has become a favorite place is Gili Trawangan. Aside from that, there is Gili Meno, and Gili Air is also very worthy for You to visit.

It is Interesting Trip To  Gili Trawangan

On the island or at Gili Trawangan You will be able to see various facilities-the facilities are certainly of international standard. Because Gili is so well known among tourists from abroad, as well as the majority of tourists who come to dominated by tourists from abroad. So all the services contained in Gili is well adapted to the needs of foreign tourists such.

For example, Gili Trawangan is the only island that has the Irish Bar. Gili Trawangan island is relatively small. With only a stretch of around 3 Km from the North side to the South, and about 2 Km from the Westside to the East. At Gili, the very rarely encountered types of motor vehicles. Vehicles the most common is the “Cidomo” (like a horse carriage) as well as the bike.

On the side of the Southeast of Gili Trawangan, You can see a beach that is very beautiful. With expanses of soft white sand. While on the side of the other part, namely in the West, You will see a beach that is pretty quiet and also calm. A place that is very suitable for You who love tranquility, or for those of You who are want to find peace.

Interesting activities in Gili Trawangan

Of course, with charm, very beautiful scenery and white sand. It’s just on the sand in the Western part of the slightly rough when compared with the Eastern beach.  Various kinds of beach activities You can do. If You like an adventure. You can explore all parts of Gili with the use of the bike. Not to worry, You can go through them just in a few hours.

The day is also a moment of fun when you are in Gili Trawangan and available in several cafes in Gili such.
But lest You miss out on is the party beach. When in Kuta Beach Bali, a variety of types of events held in one night, Gili Trawangan has its own schedule every night. So every night You can enjoy the event or party is different.

Access To The Site

To be able to reach the island or Gili Trawangan, the most common route is by boarding a motorboat. You can ride it starting from a small port on the Ward, approximately 42 Km from Mataram City or approximately 1 hour of travel. When from Mataram You are wearing a vehicle such as a two-wheeled vehicle or a car, You must leave Your vehicle at the port.

How to be able to quickly get to Gili Trawangan ?

You can use the fast boat department of Gili Trawangan. Fast Boat into sea transport which is very interesting for visitors to be able to cross to Gili Trawangan because it is able to shorten the time of travel. Then from that up to today more and more provider fast boat more aggressively gives fast boat service.

The average price of a Ticket Fast Boat on the island of Lombok

Bali – Lombok – Gili islands by Fast Boat :
1. Senggigi – Gili Trawangan: Rp 200.000,-
2. Senggigi – Padang Bai, Bali: Rp 450.000,-
3. Gili Trawangan – Padang Bai, Bali: Rp 450.000,-
Facilities or the absence of the availability of services of fast boat this can be a reference for You who want to vacation to Gili Trawangan with fast service, safe, cheap and also practical. For the Price is very affordable and in accordance with the facilities and comfort provided. Enjoy trip to Gili Trawangan with ticketfastboat.

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