Boat to Nusa Penida Island

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April 3, 2019
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Boat to Nusa Penida Island. Tourist destinations of that sort of You can find all on the Island of Nusa Penida.Nusa Penida is an island located in the southeastern part of the island of Bali among the Badung Strait. Then what the hell to prepare for a Vacation in Nusa Penida? and how the hell estimated the cost to be able to go to Nusa Penida? Here we summarize short tips for a vacation to Nusa Penida.

Boat to nusa penida Island

The ticket fee

Ticket crossing is the most important thing that You should prepare before You go on vacation to Nusa Penida. You can go across to the Island of Nusa Penida from bali via the Port of Sanur.  You at the Port of Sanur, You will be offered by a variety of agents provider fast boat are generally put up the price around Rp 75,000 just for a one-time cross.

However, we advise You to book tickets in advance on the 2 or 1 day before plan Your departure to avoid queues purchase, and endless ticket.
In addition to this, you need to very pay attention to the hours of departure of the fast boat that You book. For fast boat depart from Sanur available at 08.15, 10.45, and also at 15.00 PM.

As for the boat that will go back towards sanur from the Port of Banjar Nyuh will depart at 0915, 14.15, and also 17: 00 PM.

Rental vehicles

Upon Your arrival at the Port of Banjar Nyuh, You will be welcomed by citizens who offer rent a motorbike or car. Although sometimes a little pushy, but a rental vehicle is the only transportation that there is for You to use to get around in Nusa Penida.

To rent a motorcycle valued around RP 75,000/day. While the rental car is priced Rp 500,000/day. The price we show is can You make a benchmark if it turns out that the cost of the rent is more expensive.


There are a lot of travel options, of course. However if You are only planning to travel around in a day, You can visit some of the locations adjacent to the Port.
One of them namely, the King of Five or so often touted as Molenteng. Enough to travel for 45 minutes just to get to the location. While the entry ticket was only Rp 5,000/person.

Or in Addition You can visit Diamond Beach and the Beach  near the location of the King Five. The blue sea is so enchanting chime white sand, plus a panoramic view of towering cliffs beautiful also You will enjoy there. To be able to enter into the region You will only be charged the ticket price is Rp 5,000/person.

Boat to Nusa Pendia Island

You can also use the fast boat to Nusa Penida. One that you can make the choice that is ticketfastboat. Ticketfastboat presenting a variety of options fleet heading to Nusa Penida. With fleet complete then Your trip to nusa penida will be more fun of course.

Take into account the time with the right

It is very important for You to do if You are on Vacation in Nusa Penida. Because, if You don’t take into account Your time when driving around and arriving late to the port, which happens later You will lag behind the schedule of departure of the fast boat back to Bali. Moreover, if You are behind schedule crossing the last, You must set off to cross the next day.

Even so, no need to worry, In pulai is also available a an with between Rp 200,000 samai 300.000/night.
Thus a few tips from us if You want to Vacation in Nusa Penida. Hopefully useful and happy holidays!


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