Trip By Boat From Sanur To Gili Air

If you were at Bali to spend a holiday, maybe you could visit another tour location where near Bali. One recommendation to spend the holiday visits Gili Islands, where there are three little lands which you can call Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air.

One of the island at Gili has many good tourist destinations and there is Gili Air. If you from Bali you can take a boat from Sanur to Gili Air, which you can get a special price when you contact which on that website you can find a boat.

Holiday  By Boat From Sanur To Gili Air


The most important when you want to go to Gili Air from Bali is the price ticket. One of the fast boats always a departure from Sanur to Gili Air and the named of the fast boat is Scoot Cruise Fast Boats. Scoot Cruise Fast Boat always a departure from Sanur on 9.30 AM and will arrive at Gili Air on 12.45 PM, which you will cost around 45$ per one adult. To go to Gili Air from Bali, you can also a departure from Padang Bai, which is more fast boat will take you to Gili Air or Gili Trawangan.

When you were at Gili Air you could do much activity which you can enjoy it alone or with family and friends. Gili Air has tracking that you can use to jogging, which you can do exercising and refreshing. Beach at Gili Air has white sand and surrounded by tropical plants.  You could stay at a hotel at Gili Air, which will cost you around 35$ until 100% per night.

When you were touring by boat from Sanur to Gili Air, you can also do snorkeling.

If you want to experience another water activity, you could do diving. Gili Air has many famous spot diving you cannot leave, there is Air Wall, Frogfish Point dan Malang Reef. At that spot, you could see the beautiful coral reefs and fishes. This spot diving is like heaven for people who like this extreme sport. If you want to do diving, you must choose the best time. Because Indonesia has two weather, which you can choose the time from April to August.

Surviving is also an activity you could do when you were touring by boat from Sanur to Gili Air. 

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