Batu Bolong Temple| Location, Acces and Entrance Ticket

Gili Nanggu | Location, Access and Entrance Ticket
February 17, 2020

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As the name suggests, the temple is located in Lombok, this one has rocks leading to the sea. If we observe in more detail pretend this one is like a bay with the tunnel underneath. That said, the hole on the Batu Bolong Temple is created as seawater abrasion.

The tourist attractions at once place of worship this one consists of two buildings of the temple. They both offer unique landscapes and interesting places to visit. The first buildings are under trees which are known by the name of Pura Ratu Gede Mas Mechling. Then the second part is located on top of a rock with a height of approximately 4 meters.

In the temple filled some of the sculptures that are often used as acts of worship like Vali, Sugriva, Rama, Laksamana and Dragon Statue.



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Located between the rocks perforated

As I’ve said before if the Temple one is located on top of the rocks black with fitting holes at the edge of the beach. Supposedly the hole was used as the access road for the community Senggigi when they wanted to find in the forest. However, now fewer and fewer people who use it.

Overlooking the beautiful sunset

From the top of the temple, all of you can enjoy the beautiful sunset with the background of the scenery of Mount Agung. The moment this is the most awaited by the tourists. The blue sky complete with a view of the evening make the atmosphere more fun. Occasionally will appear to the waves crashing, the more complete Your trip all.

Bring the atmosphere of the beautiful nature

That said, the stone used to arranged the temple is a rock spider andesite-basalan are not another is the freezing of molten lava by the eruption of Mount Rinjani thousands of years ago. From the top of the rock here visitors can see the tree cactus lush. The atmosphere will be more enjoyable with the presence of bird nests of various species of birds. Of the more add to the holiday atmosphere you all.


Regarding location also is very strategic. Located in the Hamlet of Batu Bolong, Subdistrict Batulayar, West Lombok. It takes less than 5 minutes from the tourist center of Senggigi Beach. And it takes less than 20 minutes from the City of Mataram.

Opening Hours Location

Because it is used as a place of worship, then the temple is opened for 24 hours. Remember sometimes there are also stays when worship.

The Entrance Ticket

To be able to enjoy all the beauty of it, you only need to pay Rp.20,000 only. Before the entrance to the Pura Batu Bolong, you should use the yellow-colored cloth at the waist. In addition, as visitors are required also to maintain decorum during their stay in the temple, considering this place is a place of worship. Additional information also, women who are unable to or in a state of purity not be allowed to enter into the temple.

Thus the description information about destination Batu Bolong Temple, hopefully, can inspire you all. Oh yes, for you who want to visit Bali, you can use the fast boat from Bali to Lombok from Happy holidays.

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