List of Balinese Food which is tasty and Delicious

A list of the typical food of Lombok are Tasty and Delicious
December 21, 2019

Balinese food of so many kinds. The island of Bali has many attractions no doubt its class, besides the Island of Bali also has a wide variety of culinary delicious and cheap. For those of You who visit the Island of Bali for a vacation does not hurt to tasting sharing menu variants typical of the Island. With a blend of spices which is quite spicy will make your tongue addicted to always trying.

Variants of sambal like sambal terasi and sambal matah is a spice that is often used for a wide variety of culinary delights from the Island of Bali. In order to find these kinds of typical food from the Island of Bali. You will not be a difficulty because it is already available in the stalls that exist in every corner of the city. Below are some of the lists Balinese food that You should try.

Some List The Typical Cuisine Of Bali

1. Lontong Jukut

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Balinese food here is the lontong jukut. The name of the typical food of Bali. This one is definitely somewhat a little not pleasing to the ear for the community. However, different views for the people of Bali. Lontong sayur this is one of the foods from the Island of the Gods that You must try when you’re on vacation on the island of Bali. For You who are visiting the Island of Bali do not miss to taste the delicious food this one.

2. Rice Tepeng Bali

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Balinese food next is Rice Tepeng which is one of the culinary specialties that come from the area of Gianyar. Traditional culinary this one has a spicy taste and makes your tongue sway. For those of You who like spicy food are a must to try.

The culinary one is generally formulated using spices native to Indonesia and served with vegetables. Ranging from eggplant, long bean, moringa leaf, red beans, young jackfruit as well as additional grated coconut which makes the rice tepeng more tasty and delicious.

3. Serombotan Bali

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Culinary typical Bali this one is similar to the typical food of the Javanese urap. But this one if on the Island of Bali named Serombotan which is also a typical meal of the area. Serombotan consists of various vegetable which is merged into one entity. Vegetable from vegetable beans, spinach, long beans, kale, bean sprouts, bitter melon, and eggplant.

There are several ingredients different from the food of Kalas which is coconut milk mixed with red onion, garlic, kencur, turmeric mash, and coriander. If You are on a vacation to the Island of Bali and want to taste the typical cuisine of Bali this one You just come to Singaraja or looking for food stalls Indonesia in Singaraja.

4. Rujak Kuah Pindang Bali

Culinary typical Bali next is the Salad Flavor. The Typical food of Bali, this one will be very suitable to eat while enjoying the charm of a beautiful beach. Rujak is not much different than salad usually consisting of a wide variety of fruits such as papaya, star fruit, cucumber, jicama which is later cut into small pieces.

The soup itself in the form of soup salad and a broth prepared from seasoning shrimp paste, fish, salt and also pepper. No need to doubt for You to try the typical food of this one, please enjoy it when You are on vacation to the Island of Bali to the moment Your vacation more remarkable.

5. Sate Lilit Bali

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Almost all regions in Indonesia have typical food in the form of satay which certainly has a flavor of its own in every region. Well, when You vacation to the Island of Bali try to stop by and taste the sate lilit which is also the typical cuisine of the Island of the Gods. How to make it quite unique, namely by wrapping the meat that has been chopped up and then burned.

Sate lilit uses a staple of mackerel which is, of course, a bit expensive because mackerel fish have higher prices than other fish. On the island of Bali itself, You will very easily find satay this, because almost every warung or restaurant in Bali provide the menu. Therefore, take your time to try food typical one is when you are on vacation to the Island of Bali.

6. Ayam/Bebek Betutu Typical Bali

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The food is quite famous this one is a chicken or duck betutu. Not only on the Island of Bali, culinary this one sometimes You can find outside the island of Bali. But, if you want to experience authentic try to come to Bali to enjoy Balinese cuisine which is very popular.

Culinary this one belongs to the luxury food that is displayed with the chicken or duck whole. You can find it in some restaurants or stalls on the Island of Bali. If talking about chicken or duck betutu.

7. Bagiak Bali

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If You want to enjoy the culinary delights in the form of snacks typical of Bali. You can try this snack that is Bagiak. Culinary this one is well suited when used as a snack that can be taken anywhere or used as souvenirs to be brought home.

Bagiak made from sago flour and has a rather sweet taste and crunchy texture. Bagiak has the form of a long integer. If You want to try it, this time bagiak has some kinds of flavors ranging from nuts, ginger, milk, and cinnamon. It would be very suitable so Your friends when you’re relaxing in the garden. On the beach or while watching television.

8. Nasi Campur Ayam Bali

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Eat typical Bali next is the Nasi Campur Ayam Bali that You should not miss. Nasi Campur Ayam Bali this would be the place the fusion of several kinds of Balinese food such as shredded satay, sayur urap, lawar ayam.

Different restaurants, different mixtures are in use. But a mixture that is commonly used not far from the Chicken betutu, chicken skin fried, the egg sauce of tomatoes, leaves of tuber spicy, a sprinkling of peanuts that have been fried until the fish is boiled. Please for those of You who tried to enjoy the delights of the typical meal of the Island of Bali this one namely Rice Mix that will keep You hooked.

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