A List of the Typical Food of Lombok are Tasty and Delicious

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October 25, 2019

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In addition to famous with its natural charm that has been worldwide such as beach tourism, mountain tourism, indigenous tourism or tourism relics of the ancestors, the city of Lombok also has several kinds of typical cuisine that are not less tempting. Various kinds of food typical of Lombok You can feel when it comes to Lombok.

With the Presence of food such as makes Lombok become a perfect fit for traveling. How not, if imagined that if You came to Lombok to take a nature can be directly combined by peddling the typical food of Lombok city itself, will make Your vacation more complete.

The list of Typical Food of Lombok that Could be an Option

1. Nasi Balap Puyung

If seen from the view, the menu is not so special. Compositionally, there is shredded chicken meat combined with soybeans, chili, dried shrimp, shredded and also the eel fry. A characteristic that there is at this dish is spicy which is owned from the marinade.

Nasi Balap Puyung is derived from the Lombok Tengah, i.e., precisely in the Village of Puyung. Originally introduced first by Inaq Esun, Inaq which means it is the Mother. Sambal is the part that becomes the distinguishing food from other culinary which is also served with additional pieces of chicken and vegetables. Therefore You must give it a try when it comes to Lombok.

2. Bebalung

The typical culinary of Lombok, the other Bebalung which when interpreted in the Sasak language is “power”. The food consists of beef ribs or buffalo mixed with a seasoning blend which includes cayenne pepper, onion, garlic, galangal, and turmeric and ginger.

3. Sate Bulayak

Sate Bulayak is a kind of tupat or rice cake wrapped by recycling aren stau with leaves of palm, which has an elongated shape like a spiral. If you want to open it You need to move it by way of playing. On the language of the Sasak own “Bulayak” which means “rice Cake”. For the texture itself, bulayak is soft and savory when compared with lontong or tupat.

4. Chicken Taliwang

As a typical Food of Lombok culinary it has a very long history. Ayam Taliwang is first introduced by the chef or the cook of the Sultan of Sumbawa in Lombok during the time of King Karangasem. Not necessarily in Lombok, Chicken Taliwang can be found in various major cities in Indonesia, the same as Padang cuisine.
Did You know that if you make Chicken Taliwang delicious contained in the concoction marinade? That’s why Ayam Taliwang which may have You eat in Lombok will be felt more delicious when compared with Chicken taliwang You meet in another city.

5. Plecing Kangkung

Plecing kale is a typical culinary of Lombok-shaped vegetables which are generally served with side dishes and rice, and usually, also the presence of kale is as a complement to the menu. As the name implies, namely Pelencing Kangkung. You can enjoy it with the main menu such as Ayam Taliwang.
Kale is boiled and then cooled and served with tomato sambal. Supposedly kangkung contained in Lombok has a much softer texture, so You can eat it to go to the trunk. Do not be surprised if kangkung from Lombok is often made by.

6. Beberuk Eggplant

Eggplant as not to be a prima donna in any area we encounter, but in the city of Lombok, the eggplant can be excellent. Namely Beberuk is fresh vegetables typical of the city of Lombok, which consists of slices of eggplant and long beans and water by tomatoes.

With a blend of spices that make it quite unique, namely the presence of a mix between salty, sweet, spicy. With the combination of blend of spices that produces a delicious taste will be very suitable when juxtaposed by the main menu such as Ayam Taliwang.

The list of typical food of Lombok it turns out quite a lot. It’s only part of it. For that, when I travel to Lombok don’t forget to taste it.

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