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August 15, 2019
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Plans for a vacation in Bali, don’t waste it just to get around the Island of Bali alone. Because there are still many islands with beauty that is not less interesting can also be found there. One of them is the Island of Nusa Penida. The main attraction of this island is in addition to the beautiful natural panorama. He also has a style of culture which is thick and abundant natural resources.
Well, the following will be discussed about the beauty of what there is on the island and see what you can do while you’re in there.

Venturing in The Forest

Fun things you can do to start your vacation there is by entering the forest Tembeling. The forest is located in the southwestern tip of this have a place eyes crystal clear water with an area of approximately 10 x 8 meters and live right in the middle of the forest. Not only that, but this place also has a wealth of diversity of flora and fauna that adorn the feet of the waterfall and gorge. You can spend lunch and the afternoon you for venturing in the forest this much.

Down The Natural Cave

For you lovers of the cave, would hurt you if not pay a visit to the cave of nature in the Passive Uwug or commonly known as Broken Beach. This place was originally known only as of the cave-sized but over time, the erosion that occurs more and more so it makes it look bigger.

Enjoy The Atmosphere Of The Location Of The Seaweed Cultivation

Although Nusa Penida Island is very much visited because of the famous tourist spot, there also turns out there are many locations of the seaweed cultivation although lately not a little of the seaweed farmers stop farming and turn to a tourism business that is more promising. In that location, you of course forbidden to swim because it will interfere with the activity of cultivation. You should mingle with the farmers while discussing their business of it.

Play Water on the Beach

This activity is most liked by the tourists. Yup, who the heck does not like to play water when seeing the beautiful beach with soft sand and the waves are roaring. Throughout the landscape, you will be spoiled with cliffs, trees, mountains and so on. While in the crystal clear water near the beach, you can occasionally encounter with sharks and rays that pass in there. Although this place is always crowded, the atmosphere remains fun.

Visiting A Place Of Worship Full Of History

Activities last be recommendations for the holiday you are with a pilgrimage to the Temple of Penataran. Which is located in the coastal Village Pad, Sampalan. Ideally used as houses of worship by the local people’s rich cultural and spiritual high that is able to attract the attention of tourists from within and outside the country.

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